MindMillers Foundation

every idea is neo

MindMillers Foundation founded in year 2018, India as a nonprofit organization. It is aimed to cater exclusive community support & development in the innovation & startup ecosystem across the globe.

MindMillers.com is an idea acceleration platform that uses crowdsourcing to help you find and develop the next big thing in your entrepreneurship journey.

MindMillers acts as a catalyst to connect students, professionals, entrepreneurs who work for innovation and welfare of the society by contributing knowledge, skills and opportunities to others.

We offer a free platform for accelerating innovation and removing boundaries. Our core values are…

every idea is neo
everyone is different
technology & innovation drives the civilization and humankind
disagreement doesn’t mean my way

World need great ideas and ideas need MindMillers to make it successful

Our vision is to become world's leading platform for tech startups and ideapreneurs offering mentorship and community support to turn ideas into great companies

You have an idea!!

Turning your idea into a reality is a tedious task. It requires comprehensive research and effort before it turns into reality.

MindMillers.com community can turn your idea into a successful business opportunity & help you with followings

Market & Patent Research
Develop prototype
Build a right team/Co-Founders
Technical mentorship & consulting
Case studies/Articles/Stories
Collaboration tools/platform to share/receive updates/notifications in Realtime.

MindMiller’s open-innovation community help deliver significant new ideas to market faster while reducing general R&D costs. We take advantage of software applications as well as an effective international network to give significant advantage on your startup journey.

The goal of the Mindmillers.com is to develop a dedicated open-social community offering assistance with essential skills, to validate the preliminary problem-solution fit and product-market fit, prior to scaling it to considerable business as well as self-sustainable organisation.