You must promote your startups these channels
June 4, 2020, 1:17 p.m.

You must promote your startups these channels

June 4, 2020, 1:17 p.m.

Free web-resources you may want to use to promote your next startup.

The main advertisement channel is of course people who are in love with your product. Their sharing activities is the best advertisement. Thus the main idea is to create the product that is useful, usable and attractive to the end users. And only after that it does make sense to spread the word about something you've done.

Post News

reddit.comThe front-page of the internet
news.ycombinator.comHacker news
facebook.comPost news to your niche groups
twitter.comOf course
slashdot.orgNews for nerds
raddle.meNews feed
designernews.coDesigner news
datatau.netDataTau - Data Science Newsboard

Create Product Page

producthunt.comThe best new products in tech
angel.coWhere the world meets startups
alternativeto.netCrowd-sourced software recommendations
madewithml.comMade With ML

Post an Article

medium.comRead, write and share stories that matter
linkedin.comPeople and companies that are posting and looking for job. Post to your niche groups as well.
dev.toThe DEV community
dzone.comProgramming news, tutorials and tools
scotch.ioTop shelf web-development training
habr.comRussian tech-blog
hashnode.comThe Dev community
dou.uaUkrainian developers community
muckrack.comMuckRack for journalist and public relations
techhype.ioNews, articles and tools for developers
towardsdatascience.comTowards Data Science
python.libhunt.comAwesome Python LibHunt
codementor.ioCodeMentor Community

Niche Blogs

These blogs depends are not that universal but more niche one where you may find your target audience.

geeksforgeeks.orgA computer science portal for geeks
codeforces.comProgramming contests platform

Write for News Blog

LinkAbout JS news
itnext.ioIT blog
alistapart.comFor people who make web-sites
thenextweb.comWeb news
developer-tech.comDeveloper tech news
programmableweb.comAPIs, mashups and the Web as a platform
hakin9.comBlog of IT security magazine
datacamp.comData Science Online News
echojs.comJavaScript News
css-tricks.comCSS Tricks

Answer Questions

stackoverflow.comWhere developers learn, share and build careers
quora.comA place to share knowledge and better understand the world

Write on Forums

techrepublic.comCommunity of IT experts
sitepoint.comSitepoint forums

Write to Dev-Chats

Don't spam!

If you think your project is useful for some specific group of people then find targeted channel, read about channel rules and only then post information to channel.

gitter.imWhere developers come to talk

Register in Startup Directories

betalist.comDiscover and get early access to tomorrow's startup
startuptabs.comStartup discovery engine
crunchbase.comDiscover innovative companies and the people behind them
geekwire.comBreaking news in technology in business
f6s.comStartup founder deals and accelerators
killerstartups.comWhere internet entrepreneurs are the stars
startupbuffer.comPromote your startup and discover new startups
allstartups.infoAll startups info
betapage.coCommunity of tech lovers and early adopters
index.coConnecting startups, corporate brands, and investors
gust.comStartup funding and investing
startupproject.orgThe startup project
springwise.comDiscovering innovation
launchlister.comSee the day's hottest product launches
vator.tvVoice of the entrepreneur
nextbigwhat.comDiscover great products
iamwire.comA digital incubator & network for technology ecosystem
snapmunk.comTechnology trends and startup culture
nibletz.comThe voice of the startups
startupstash.comCurated resources and tools for startups
alltopstartups.comAll top startups
startupdope.comStartup Dope
techpluto.comPlatform to showcase innovative startups and tech news
thestartuppitch.comCome pitch your startup to the world
sideprojectors.comMarketplace to buy and sell side projects
launchingnext.comNew startups and ideas
startupranking.comNew startups and ideas

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