COVID-19 and digitalisation: 4 areas of tech set to boom post-pandemic
May 8, 2020, 1:27 p.m.

COVID-19 and digitalisation: 4 areas of tech set to boom post-pandemic

May 8, 2020, 1:27 p.m.

The global business environment with the United States of America is bringing the Covid-19 epidemic back on track, with the economy facing a $ 1 trillion crisis this year.

For digital leaders this means that

Shifting by the hour, company preferences and dramatic monitoring of Fortune between sectors; travel and transportation airlines are in trouble, as many airline companies are suspending flights to their aircraft, while supermarkets are growing rapidly.

Although the highest priority is employees, health, and their safety, digital leaders in these new and unfamiliar business situations also need to carefully consider the continuity, scale and scope of their digital operations. Essentially, since they conflict with business plans in a constant state of flux, investment in digitization projects will be below their list of priorities.

It is important not to lose sight of the digital business opportunities that are just emerging, without reducing the devastating impact of Covid-19. Because, these are often in response to those requirements taking into account short-term requirements, which have the potential to change in the digital landscape over a longer period of time after going through the current crisis.

According to us, these are four important areas of tech that we think will thrive post pandemic:

1. Healthcare initiative with data-enabled will grow.

Consumers are now more focused on their health, with testing being the order of the day, whether its Covid-19 is an option by healthcare organizations or consumers to use private companies to test themselves by different medical systems.

The massive growth in healthcare data, with the extent of the right privacy in place, represents an opportunity for various data and AI experts to develop useful solutions that will help reduce the risk of contagion, worrying consumers. Will provide relief to them while helping them overcome these difficulties.

2. Scalable digital business model will begin to transform product-centric operations

Covid-19 put a lot of pressure on the global supply chains of the best buying companies like Wayfair, Nike and Gap, as these companies will start building their businesses faster by putting forward product-focused models with scalable and stable digital options. This may include businesses diversifying from their original offer to sell data and AI assets to third parties.

Some supermarkets, such as Walmart, already sell point-of-sales data for brands including Unilever and P&G, which use it to promote real-time availability of their products in their grocery stores and adequate stock of products in warehouses Do for sure.

Beyond retail, we can expect a digital-enabled sharing economy, which currently includes names such as CombiWorks as an example, while Cargomatic - which connects shippers with local truck drivers. Rapidly accelerating B2B will also require finding smart and quick ways to reduce the urgent pressures and costs in business.

3. E-commerce will experience renaissance

Consumers in general who visit physical stores are shopping online as a result of this epidemic. Or rather, e-commerce is particularly booming when it comes to tinned goods, pasta, health and hygiene products.

If people mix in real life and do not increase shop visits through online shopping, in such a situation, the rise in e-commerce can be permanent.

There are some logistics platforms that are already improving their concepts to allow retailers to accelerate home delivery faster and to match the new market situation. We can expect similar innovations going forward.

4. To see a fluctuation in digital collaboration and entertainment equipment evaluation.

As we see companies rapidly growing in some cases even more permanently, the market for digital collaboration tools such as Google Hangout, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom is likely to grow quickly. Zoom has already experienced a 50% increase in its share price at the beginning of the year.

This outbreak of Covid-19 will lead to more agile, more flexible, compassionate and more humane ways of doing business than before, allowing companies to face a wide range of threats, both anticipated and unpredictable.